300kg Small night light 30boxs to Italy by express

One day in July 2022, I was sending development letters as usual. After I sent an email to an Italian customer, he replied to me a few minutes later, saying that he happened to have 30 boxes of goods in Guangzhou.  

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He asked me what the price was for sending them to Italy by express, and we needed to take charge of picking up the goods at the factory. I asked him what the product was, he sent me the packing list, and then said that the battery of the small night light had been taken off, without the battery. According to the data he provided, I quoted him several prices respectively: UPS: 7.42USD/KG, about 10 days of age, FedEx IP: 7.8USD/KG for 5-7 days, the customer can choose which mode of transportation according to their own needs. At that time, the customer chose UPS, we arranged logistics to pick up the goods at the factory in Guangzhou according to the customer's choice. After the goods were delivered to our warehouse in Shenzhen, we weighed the goods and affixed the UPS sheet to each box of goods. The local ups staff to deliver the cargo to transport, cargo transport to shenzhen baoan airport, ups will arrange special plane for goods, the transit of goods to Italy, and then let the local staff to send Italy, before to send, staff from the local ups will notify the customer to provide the VAT number and EORI number for cargo clearance, After customs clearance is completed, the goods will be delivered. China - Italy express channel, we have a dozen tons of volume every week. Since it is the express channel, the requirements for various qualifications of the goods are relatively strict. For example, some electrical products require CE certificates. Otherwise, if the customs cannot be regularly cleared, the goods will be returned to China, and the return will generate a huge amount of freight.

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